We have created a custom website in the subject of infant, child rehabilitation.

We have created a custom website on the subject of rehabilitation of babies, children, as well as physiotherapy and massage, especially the Shantala massage. The website is fully functional and friendly on
mobile devices
and made on a good budget for both parties.

A real website, unlike a social media site, gives you full control over the design and content of your website, lending credibility to your company’s brand , e.g. The FizjoMedical: PhysioMedical. You can only look at the characteristic Facebook, but on your page, website you can realize the real brand image of the company, what services or products our company offers.

It has advanced functionality:

NVMe SSD Hosting

High performance and flexibility based on the latest technology.


Secure and dynamic website creation in CMS WordPress.

SSL Certificate

Certainty of transactions, confidentiality information and data protection.

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